Academic Publishing

In academic publishing, reprints, are bulk reproductions of individual articles previously published in academic journals. Reprints from scientific, technical, and medical journals are used by researchers in some fields to generate awareness among audiences who don't subscribe to the journal.

Peer-reviewed scientific and medical/clinical articles are in global demand: physicians read reprints frequently, as a useful way to stay informed of the latest developments in their field.

Book publishing

In book publishing, if a reprint has been revised from an earlier version, it is usually referred to as a new edition rather than a reprint.
Our reprint service will provide you with print copies or E-prints of the requested articles. All the reprints will be an exact duplication of the original article, printed in the form of a brochure with the following details;

  1. Winsome Group Logo
  2. Article type with Title of article and Complete list of Authors
  3. Author mail ID
  4. Journal cover page
  5. Copyright to Corresponding Author
Authors can make use of the different author reprint ordering options
  1. Accepted articles: Articles which are accepted but yet to be published.
  2. Published articles: Articles which are published and available online.
For any queries and details regarding the Authors Reprints, please contact us to the below mail id: