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Winsome group supports all researchers to make reaching the furthest with their research.We have modeled our submissions and review process on the open access standards, procedures.

Driven by the belief that social and behavioral science has the power to improve society, we focus on publishing impactful research and enabling robust research methodology. We produce high quality educational resources that support instructors to prepare the citizens, policy makers, educators and researchers of the future.

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Winsome group supports all researchers to make reaching the furthest with their research. Special attention will be taken to the researchers that are coming from developing regions. We have modeled our submissions and review process on the open access standards, procedures.

  • 01 Our Aim

    To make scientific and scholarly literature and materials freely accessible to all internet users - that is, to make them accessible online free of charge and as free of technical and legal barriers as possible.

  • The quick proliferation of results not only enlivens similar research but also inspires others to make inroads into other areas which may open up as a consequence. Easy access to research material from

  • Focusing on the requirements of scientists, students and research scholars, we aspire to be the leading provider in Open Access Publications, with an array of prestigious academic international journals,




Publishing in an Winsome journal starts with finding the right journal for your paper. We have tools, resources and services to help you at each stage of the publication journey to enable you to research, write, publish, promote and track your article. We shall support you make the most out of your next publication!


Winsome follows WAME definitions and leaves the complete freedom of the editorial process to the Editor-in-chief with all the authority in determining the fate of the articles towards publication and a responsibility to uphold the Journal’s Integrity.


Peer review in all its forms plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. The process depends to a large extent on trust, and requires that everyone involved behaves responsibly and ethically.

Membership Programs

Individual Membership is available to post-doctoral fellows, research scholars, professors, assistant/associate professors, & other category of people in academics and research, also membership is available to all the universities, research institutes that cover the scientific and technical branches.

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Erik Javier Orozco- Hernandez

Editor in Chief - MD

Dr. Orozco Hernandez completed his training in Mexico and was board certified for Consejo Nacional Cirugia de Torax with the highest honors. He has been an active surgeon in all the areas of cardiovascular and lung disea...

Zafar Nawaz

Editor in Chief - p.hd

Zafar Nawaz, Ph.D. is the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, a Tenured Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Associate Research Director of the Braman Family Brea...

Yusheng Zhu

Editor in Chief - p.hd


Camille L Hancock Friesen

Editor in Chief - phd

Surgical cardiothoracic director of adult congenital heart disease programe professor of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery at UT southwestern medical center Camille Hancock friesen md is a pediatric cardiovascular surg...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What journals are included in this service?

    A selection of academic journals, also provides their authors with access to our manuscript transfer facility. Winsome journals is available as a potential receiving journal for all authors using the transfer facility.

  • No. No information is transferred until you complete the process described above. Even after this process is complete you have the option of contacting the receiving journal and withdrawing your manuscript.

  • It depends. In an effort to provide a more informed and rapid route to publication, all authors submitting to Winsome-titled journals are asked at initial submission whether, in the event their manuscript is determined to be unsuitable for that journal, they agree to allow the editor to discuss their manuscript with an editor at another Winsome journal. If you have agreed to this, the editor may consult with another Winsome journal to determine whether they are interested in the manuscript. If the manuscript has been peer reviewed this consultation will likely include discussion of the concerns raised by the referees. When appropriate, the editor will often use this information to convey to you which referee concerns should to be addressed before publication could be offered in the new journal. Consultation is confidential and at the editor’s discretion; its only purpose is to provide you with an alternative recommendation and to facilitate rapid publication in an appropriate Winsome journal.

  • No. Although the editor may recommend another journal, and in the case of Winsome-titled journals may also first consult with an editor at the recommended journal, the only purpose is to provide you with a better recommendation. A recommendation is never binding; you may transfer to any journal regardless of editorial recommendation. The decision of where to resubmit a manuscript is always the author’s.

  • No. Editors expect to see criticism, even of work that is suitable for publication. Criticisms can often be readily addressed or a serious criticism at one journal may be less of an issue at another journal due to differences in journal scope or perceived significance of the work.


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