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 Regarding Open Access Information

An Open Access Movement: A Comprehensive Outlook

At Winsome, we believe in the power of Open Access publishing to facilitate the global exchange of scientific knowledge. By making research data available through digital copies, unrestricted by Internet access, scientists worldwide can freely collaborate and contribute to the advancement of science. Our commitment lies in working closely with the global academic community to promote open scholarly research to the world.

Publication Ethics

The publication of research articles in peer-reviewed journals is crucial for fostering a credible and respected body of knowledge. At Winsome, we adhere to the highest standards of publication ethics, guided by the principles set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

As part of our ethical guidelines, we hold editors accountable for all content published in our journals. Their decisions to accept or reject a paper are based on factors such as its importance, originality, clarity, and its alignment with the journal's scope. We expect our authors to adhere to the best practices in publication ethics, ensuring the integrity of the scholarly work.

Plagiarism Check

At Winsome, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our publications. Therefore, we strictly prohibit the publication of any article that is found to be plagiarized in any way. Our focus is on encouraging fresh and original research that adds value to the scientific community, and we continuously seek out scholars who can contribute reliable and novel work.

Review Process

Ensuring the quality of published research is paramount to us. That's why all articles submitted to Winsome undergo a rigorous peer review process. Scholarly peer review involves subjecting an author's work to critical evaluation by experts with expertise in the relevant field before publication in our journals.

Our double-blind peer review system ensures the anonymity of both the authors and the reviewers, promoting an unbiased assessment of the manuscripts. Upon submission, each manuscript undergoes an impartial primary screening to determine its alignment with the journal's scope.

The peer review process at Winsome involves an initial editorial review (pre-quality editorial assessment-PQA), where experts assess the overall quality and suitability of the manuscript for publication. Subsequently, the paper undergoes a double-blinded peer review, further ensuring its compliance with accepted disciplinary standards.

By following these robust ethical and review processes, Winsome ensures that only high-quality, original research articles that contribute significantly to their respective fields are published in our journals.